It all started when…

Easty got a little red-wine drunk one night, and out spilled the weird stuff.


Easty is an artist arguably going through a quarter life crisis. She draws good, surfs atrociously, but as long as she’s having fun it’s all sweet. You’ll find her in the shed or on the beach.

When Easty paints, she’s speaking a language that lives in the space between what she thinks, that comes from from a slow, deep part of her, drawn from something ancient and powerful. A funny moment at the pub will strike her as warming, or a moment with a friend will stay with her as somewhat poignant, worthy of going on paper. All the works she makes - the boards, the prints, and the stickers, are all a balance between these old, solemn feelings, and the dry, juvenile wit that bounces around a bunch of friends, namely, her friends, when they’re out being dickheads.

It’s all just one big contradiction of young fever and old wisdom.